Beat the Summer Heat in Disney Parks

Summer in Florida is hot like no other- but for so many families adhering to the yearly school calendar, summer is the only time for vacation! So off you go hoping to make lasting family memories in the hottest, I mean happiest, place on earth! No need to worry, we have got tips to help keep you cool in the parks so all you will focus on is how much fun you’re all having together.

1. Pack a battery-powered handheld fan. I would even suggest using one with a water spray bottle attached to it. This will help cool you off while sitting in the sun waiting in line or for a parade to start. Many have straps attached to them for easy carrying. Since these are battery-powered, you will also want to pack extra batteries. Ran out? Try “borrowing” the AA batteries in the hotel room TV remote control if you find yourself in a pinch. These types of water fans are sold on property but various kinds can be found cheaper on Amazon or at places like Walmart.

2. Take frequent breaks indoors to cool down …

Favorite Year-Round Snacks at Walt Disney World

This month we are joining up with some of our fellow Disney Bloggers in a blog hop! Read our article below and to get MORE delicious Disney Parks snack inspiration click on through to the next blog in our series!

I could honestly write about Disney snacks all day, every day, but today I am narrowing it down to my top 5 non-festival favorites, meaning they are available year round on Walt Disney World property! Now, as a Dietitian, I usually get raised eye brows and gasps when I share my favorite Disney snacks because they're considered "bad" foods... but let me assure you, there is nothing "bad" about these items except for the fact that I cannot eat them more often since I live a 2-hour flight away! I am all about a healthy balance- getting in those nutrient dense foods, even when on vacation, but also enjoying some treats that aren't necessarily providing me good nutrition, but they are enhancing my experience because they are as tasty as can be and make …

Disney’s Frozen on Broadway

To celebrate my daughter’s 5th birthday AND Pre-K graduation, I had my heart set on finally taking her to see Disney’s FrozenMusical on Broadway! Living a 2-hour flight from Walt Disney World can be disheartening when you need your Disney fix, but living 1 hour out of New York City has its perks! When I first looked at Frozen tickets, I was shocked by the prices. It is a very in-demand show, and because of the attraction to little ones, most matinee summer, holiday and weekend shows sell out quickly- especially the affordable tickets in the back of the theater. I was starting to lose hope and was gearing myself up to pay hundreds of dollars to just take her to this magical show. As with most moms, I really was hoping to find a more affordable way to enjoy this experience with her. After doing some research, I discovered the Lucky Seat lottery website. By creating a free user log in name and password, you can enter to win tickets to see shows like Frozen the Musical on Broadway for th…

Typhoon Lagoon's Ketchakiddee Creek Review

From spring time through the fall - weather really heats up in Orlando, making the water park an ideal place to cool off and relax during your stay, while also taking a little break from the craziness of the theme parks. When staying on Walt Disney World property, you can choose from Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach. Both are a short driving distance from the area’s resorts and are also accessible by Disney Bus transportation. Typically, the bus will pick you up from your Disney resort and bring you to Disney Springs where you will catch another busy directly to the water park. Traveling with small children may make you fear the water parks, especially with beginner and non-swimmers of young ages. However, no need to fear thanks to the special Preschool water play areas in both water parks! Today, we will review Typhoon Lagoon’s Ketchakiddee Creek.

While I love both water parks on WDW property, I tend to gravitate towards Typhoon Lagoon. Maybe because I am a New Englander and enjoy s…

HMM Problem- Free Philosophies: Popcorn Buckets

I just went to post a picture on our Instagram feed of Disney's popcorn buckets and realized the caption was about to be a mini novel. So, I thought to myself that maybe this topic deserved a blog post. Who doesn't love the smell of Walt Disney World popcorn, as you pass through under the train station, and onto Main Street USA? Better yet, who doesn't love the taste of it? As much as we try to recreate that taste at home, it's just not the same. You can recreate one thing at home when it comes to Disney Parks popcorn, and it's what you serve it in. 
Listen, I'm not here to up sell you on a $20-$30 reusable popcorn bucket. But, here me out, you are going to buy your children a bunch of "things" on your trip. All of those things add up and you end up spending way more than you expected. Once you return home, you start to see all those little things you purchased are already in the forgotten toy pile. That being said, I'm really big on buying items…

Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas Resort Review

Growing up in a Disney Vacation Club Family, Disney's BoardWalk Inn and Villas has become a second home to me. I've traveled here as a child myself, as teenager, as a newly wed, and now as a mom of littles. I have loved this resort so much over the years, but now as a mom, I want to share my point of view!

1. Near Parks and Entertainment
At the BoardWalk Resort you are steps from entertainment, dining, and parks! Located right in between Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios, you are able to walk or boat into these resorts with ease. In fact, Epcot's entrance is a low-volume area with very little crowds and wait time. This may soon change with the implementation of the Skyliner coming Fall 2019, but I still expect it to be less crowded than Epcot's main entry point. You are also a walk or boat ride away from the Swan and Dolphin Resorts and Disney's Yacht and Beach Club. You can view fireworks from the Yacht Club Marina at night and walk back over for carnival g…